Training at Southeast Idaho Hoops Academy

All athletes from 2nd - 12th grade are welcome! We have a variety of basketball skills classes to fit their needs. Pick the combination of classes that will help take their performance to the next level. We always keep our athlete to trainer ratio low to maximize the attention each athlete receives. If you take at least 2 classes per week per month, WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

We also offer private training sessions.  Please contact Joe Worrell at 208-251-1655 for more information.

Southeast Idaho Hoops Academy is an AAU Club. This means each athlete must purchase a $14 annual AAU Membership in order to attend our classes. All 2016 memberships expired on 9-1-16 and must be renewed before taking classes in September. Click here for sign up and renewal instructions.

Basketball Skills Training

Develop skills and reach a higher level of playing.

• Ball-Handling • Footwork
• Dribbling • Rebounding
• Passing • Post Moves
• Shooting • Finishing Moves
• Defense  

Class Descriptions

Basketball Fundamentals (3rd - 8th grade) - This class helps players develop the following skills: Proper footwork, dribbling, passing, basic defensive skills and shooting.

Hoops Shooting & Ball Handling (4th – 8th grade) - Learn how great shooters think, shoot and practice. This class will help athletes develop a shooter's mind-set and the technique necessary to take their game to the next level. This includes footwork, elbow and eye placement and follow through. Shooters are not born; they are made through repetition of proper shooting technique.

Developing proper ball handling skills is a "MUST". Our program will help you become comfortable with the ball in your hand, build confidence in your ability to beat your opponent and be successful in handling pressure situations. Becoming a good ball handler takes time, patience and lots of practice and effort.

Basketball Performance (4th - 8th grade) - This class will teach game skills and concepts such as: how to read and react off of screens, give and go, and the pick and roll. We will work on both offensive and defensive skills in these situations.

This class will also help you improve your vertical leap, speed, quickness and agility.

Athletic Performance Training

We offer strength training and athletic conditioning for kids 4th -12th grade. Whether your fourth grader is just starting out in sports or your high school senior wants to get the edge he or she needs to play at college level, time spent here will provide the help needed. If you're looking for an athletic performance center in the Pocatello area, the smart choice is Southeast Idaho Hoops Academy. With our help, athletes will get the help they are looking for to bring their performance to a higher level. If you take 2 classes per week for 8 weeks, WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

Class Description

S.C.R.A.P. TRAINING -Speed-Core-Resistance-Agility-Plyometrics

S.C.R.A.P. Training is one of our signature training courses. Idaho State University Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Campbell helped design this class and trained our trainers.

This is a MUST course for all serious athletes of any sport. This includes basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, track, etc. Footwork, Core, Strength, Agility and Vertical leap are what separate good from GREAT athletes. Develop a winning mind set through preparation and hard work. Athletes taking this class will increase foot speed, strengthen their core, build strength, improve their balance and increase their vertical leap. This course will prepare all athletes for their upcoming sport by training their bodies and helping to reduce injuries. This training will prepare your athlete to compete at a high level in their chosen sport. Athletes will need to take two classes per week in order to see the best results.

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